Monday, August 20, 2007

Busy Kitchen

We were busy in the kitchen this weekend...well Friday anyway. Laura came over to make Dan's apple pie. That was pretty much a big success and enjoyed by all of our game board playing guests. Which made a lot of dishes...but aren't friends worth it?!

I also tried out a new slow cooker recipe, which was pretty much a failure for me. But I don't blame the recipe Beanery Crockery, rather I blame myself. I am forever forgetting to cook these slow cooker recipes for less time than called for until I know what works with my slow cooker. And then in a furry of frustration and wasted food, I usually proclaim the recipe a failure! This Friday, however, I was extra bad. I left the slow cooker on warm overnight, after the dish had cooked all day. Gross! That called for a long-term soaking to get it clean!!

Tonight, plain and simple, spaghetti with Prego sauce and ground beef!


Joannie said...

I was wondering what to have for dinner and was procrastinating, thinking I didn't have much to make a real dinner. But simple spaghetti and meat sauce sounds wonderful... so I'm going to have some too!

LauraSuz said...

I saw the light on, but your crock-pot is so new and the temperature is shown in digital so I thought it was just one of those new ones that lights are left on even when everything is actually off.

Now I know and say something next time!