Saturday, August 4, 2007

Guest Recipe

This recipe comes courtesy of a good friend, Nick Hasser, who found this cooking blog, and being a gentleman he offered to share it with us! He writes:

I just discovered this last week. We love it. A simple, refreshing, perfect-for-summer desert.

5 large lemons
1.5 cups sugar
a bunch of ice

Juice the lemons (should yield 1-1.5 cups juice)
Add to the sugar in a blender
Add the ice
Blend well
Put the entire blender glass in the freezer
After about 30 minutes, removed and blend well, again
Repeat freezing and blending until it's nice and smooth (usually about an hour in the freezer and three blends works for us)
It makes about one quart.

Thanks for sharing, Nick!! Sounds delicious!!

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