Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Cooking :)

So I started to post a reply to Laura's previous reply to the previous entry...she basically said I love this website. My reply got longer and longer so i'm just going to boil over the gushyness to its own post.

laura i agree, i love this page :) it makes me happy. something about cooking and the idea that there are others out there going through "learning how to cook" life lessons makes everyone seem bonded. okay that doesnt even make sense. i'm just glad i found people to share this stuff with and learn from. even though we all live in different places we all cook and we can share our failures and success stories.

most of my other girlfriends don't cook/dont want to/don't care/make microwave stuff. they're too busy with other things, and not that all of us are not super busy being moms or graphic designers ;) it's still a hobby that I am enjoying much more than I envisioned I would. my mom is an incredible cook and she tells me horror stories about her first cooking experiences when she first got married. She says no one really taught her about cooking so she wants me to learn as much as possible while I am still living at home/chicago.

Something about cooking relaxes me. I dont really care to watch many cooking shows..but my mom and I DVR the barefoot contessa aka Ina Garten and we have all her cookbooks. she is so relaxing to watch. she doesn't bounce all over the kitchen (though I do like rachel ray too...) She makes good coomfort food and puts creative twtists on traditional meals. she also introduces ideas for table settings and advice for throwing different kinds of parties. though she doesn't really focus much on healthy in a sense of less sugar, I still find watching her do really fundamental cooking to be really interesting. check her out if you havent.

okay thats all my gushyness for now. :)


LauraSuz said...

Barefoot Contessa is my favorite and she is just that...relaxing.

Anne said...

I really enjoy coming to this blog each day, too. Just a bunch of young ladies sharing's comforting.