Thursday, June 19, 2008


So I've discovered another bonus of planning and making real meals everyday: frozen leftovers! I usually make our meals according to the recipes and don't take into account the fact that there are only two of us eating. So we are often left with leftovers...sometimes lots of leftovers. And so I have in my freezer from the past two weeks enough frozen leftovers for at least four meals next week.

This is good. When we get settled in our new place, I will continue freezing leftovers, only I won't serve them quite so readily so when No. 2 arrives we will hopefully have a freezer stocked with meals while we make all the necessary adjustments of adding a new baby to the family. This is especially important because 1. I no longer live surrounded by dear friends who will provide us meals for up to three weeks after the birth. I will be living by strangers. and 2. Should I happen to find myself with a second csection, making meals would be even more difficult than I'm sure they already are after having a baby. It's nice to have back-up.

Also Peter gets paid on Tuesdays. When I want to do my shopping on the weekends, I often borrow money from savings until we get his paycheck and then I transfer some extra money to savings to cover what I took. But as the weather is so nice and Charles is getting older, I really enjoy taking the car from time to time. So I think I'll just do my grocery shopping for next week on Wednesday or sometime after Peter gets paid.

Garby, I'm very eager to hear about those brownies. I totally believe in the possibility of them!

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