Monday, May 18, 2009

Beer Bread

I know I'm about the last person to discover this, but thanks to our friend Mary and the fact that this can literally be thrown together in five minutes, this has become a household staple.

3 c flour
3 T sugar
1 12 oz. bottle or can or beer

Mix it all together, dump it into a loaf pan and

Bake 40-60 minutes @ 350 degrees.

When it's been baking for about 20 minutes, melt a couple tablespoons of butter and drizzle over the top, then continue baking the rest of the way.

This stuff is amazing, not to mention amazingly easy. We've found that Honey Brown makes a tasty loaf. I haven't done much experimentation with different beers, but I've read a few fun things on the internet about which ones make extra yumminess. This bread makes excellent toast and excellent pub-style sandwiches. It's GREAT for leftover potroast, steak, corned beef, or deli pastrami. It also makes a fabulous soup companion!

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Anne said...

Annie, this sure makes me wish we drank more beer around here so we'd have it in the house. I think I'll buy some especially for this bread! I love fresh warm bread...too much no doubt!