Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cookbook Suggestions

Hi ladies,

I want to ask for suggestions on a cookbook. I got a gift card for my birthday back in August and was told by the gift giver that she wanted to give me a cookbook, but had no idea which one. I have seen references to several cookbooks over this blog's lifetime (anne, I think you have one called Simply in Season? Or Always in Season or something like that?) I think the best way to judge whether or not you will like a cookbook off the bat is the flip through it and if more recipes make your mouth water than not, then it's likely to be a good fit. I looked at several cookbooks in Barnes and Noble and am just not inspired by any of them.

These are the 2 cookbooks I have (in addition to all the Barefoot Contessa that my mom owns):
Tyler Florence - "Tyler's Ulimate"
Molly Katzen - The New Moosewood Cookbook
My own binder of collected recipes

I'm not looking for a do-everything cookbook like Silver Spoon or Betty Crocker etc. I think i'd like one that leans on the vegetarian side (or is entirely vegetarian). I am far from vegetarian, but the more I learn creative ways to cook without meat, I think the better off I will be. I'm also not a pasta person so I'm looking for a cookbook that doesn't focus on that. Any suggestions? What's your favorite cookbook?

UPDATE: I got the Simply in Season cookbook and i LOVE LOVE it!!! I am very excited to start using it, I have already bookmarked several recipes :) thanks for the advice girls!


Tiffany said...

The Kitchen Bible is great!! It has tons of recipes & pictures to go with each one... it is huge!! I love it & think you will too

LauraSuz said...

I definitely recommend Simply in Season if going for a vegetarian. It's not labeled that because there are meat dishes in there but there's a lot of of dishes without.

Anne said...

Yes. I second Laura. It sounds like just the right cookbook for what you want!