Friday, January 28, 2011

Super Bowl

What's everyone making for the Super Bowl? I kept going back forth between dishes until Anne reminded me that I made this stromboli last year. I think I'll be making it again. The party starts way before the game does at my parents house so I remember it was a good lunch for everyone to have before all the party finger foods came out later that night. I'll be making two this year though, one with pepperoni (and maybe sausage) and one veggie. The sautéed onions, green and red peppers, mushrooms and garlic sounds too good to pass up.

Any who, back to my original question. What are you making?!


Anne said...

I am bringing polish mistakes:

Also spinach cheese squares, which I apparently haven't posted yet.

And chex mix made with Charlie-friendly Earth Balance butter!

I also want to make Annie Eats' queso dip and pizza bites but that's probably a bit excessive. I guess we'll need to have another party soon!

Joey said...

Are you a vegetarian now, Laura?

LauraSuz said...

Hahah no. Not that being a veg-head is funny or anything but I'm picturing me being a vegetarian with my meat-eating husband and it would make meals difficult around here. I do like veggie style stuff more now to save on calories since I have mega baby weight to lose.