Friday, October 12, 2007

Roasting Pot

This is a great and easy long as you can start dinner about 3 hours before you intend to eat it. I got it from my mother in law, who found it in the L. L. Bean cookbook.

Pot Roast
1 3lb whole chuck roast with fat on one side
1 T flour
2 c water
1 onion, chopped
1 carrot, chopped
2-3 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped
salt and pepper
2 bay leaves (optional)
1 t dried thyme
2 T dried parsley
chopped fresh vegetables of your choice

Sear roast all over, starting with the fat side. (If there's not enough fat, film the bottom of the pan with oil.) Remove the browned meat. Stir in flour, cook slowly, stirring a couple of minutes, then add the water a little at a time, stirring. Toss the chopped onion, carrot, and garlic into the pot. Lay meat on top. Salt and pepper all over. Add the herbs and bring to a boil. Drape a piece of foil over the meat and simmer very gently for 2 hours. Add cut up veggies and simmer another 40 minuts, covered, until veggies are just tender.

I used broccoli and red potatoes.


Abby said...

I really like potroast but rarely make it because it's too much for the two of us! I'll have to keep this in mind when I'm cooking for the fam. (And I didn't even KNOW that L.L. Bean had a cookbook!)

LauraSuz said...

I love the idea of this recipe but with the stove at my apartment I doubt there's any way this would turn out right.