Friday, January 4, 2008

On Eating (salsa in particular)

This diet has been good for a number of reasons, much as I like to complain about it (although I don't think it has helped Charles much at all). One of those reasons was the introduction of salsa to my life. I thought I didn't like it before. I was wrong. It is a beautifully colorful food that tastes delicious paired with chips.

I wonder how many other delicious foods I am missing out on because I thought that I didn't like them?

Other benefits of this diet include: weight loss and finally getting this family to begin eating a bit healthier.

Feeding Charles his first meal the other day made me realize how very much I want to keep this family eating healthy. And now as homemaking becomes my full-time job (thank You God) I'll have the time to devote to it. I want Charles to enjoy food but I want him to enjoy real food not different varities of boxed food. So while I'm sure boxed food might have some level of involvement in our lives, I hope it does not take the spotlight.

One other little homemaking/cooking thing I've been wanting to do since we got married is designate Sunday as dessert day and make a homemade dessert each Sunday to go with dinner. Peter and I will take turns picking dessert until Charles is old enough to participate! We'll also celebrate patron saints' feast days and other special days with dessert, but other than that we'll try to stay away from dessert on a daily basis - unless you want to count fruit as a dessert.

Just one of the little ways I get to help make our house a home. Can you tell that I'm eager to get started?!

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