Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our First Contest

Erin has called for a contest over here, and I think it sounds like a fun idea! So here we go!

Only there are no prizes...so maybe that's not a real contest. But anyway, if you want to participate, the contest is to see who can come up with the most creative and delicious recipe from the items that I have in my home at this moment.

So here is what's in my pantry (or fridge, as the case may be):

2 potatoes
1 head garlic
1 28 oz can diced tomatoes
1 reg. can pinneapple chunks
bag of frozen corn
bag of frozen green beans
bag of frozen spinach
bag of frozen celery
fresh spinach
cottage cheese
lb of ham
lb of ground beef
updated: upon looking more closely at the picture below I realized that we also have quick oatmeal and maple syrup, if that helps

I also have the very basic staples of: a dozen eggs, sugar, flour, cornmeal, and some standard spices. And that's about it.

So if you think you can come up with an appetizing recipe from these items, go for it! My family will thank you. Just post your suggestions in the comments.

And thanks for playing.


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Kristine said...

Anne, do you have cheese you can shred? Here is my first thought looking at your ingredients...I haven't thought ti through too thoroughly, but i'm interested to see what you make it of. This might not work without some cheese ( i know you and P love it). I've never "written a recipe" before so this will be very rough drafty, so bear with me:

Dinner Tonight:
Tortilla Beef Soup

-Crumble the beef and saute it in a pan till brown.
-Dice your potatoes and cook with chopped garlic and celery till the potatoes are tender.
-Puree your 28oz can of tomatoes in the blender till smooth.
-Put the potatoes, celery, garlic, tomatoes, frozen corn, fresh spinach and beef into a pot and simmer. -Add spices of your choice...maybe some chili powder and cumin?
-Shred desired amount of cheese into soup. Do not let soup boil.

Pineapple and Cottage Cheese
Add the chunks of pineapple to the cottage cheese and enjoy. Might be good with a drizzle of honey if you want the pineapple sweeter.

Breakfast tomorrow:
(This will only work if your ham is sliced deli ham. If it is not, breakfast is good old fashioned oatmeal and syrup. Or for some variety, try oatmeal with peanut butter ..not kidding it's really good.)

I can't recall where I saw this recipe, but it is easy and I am going to make it for breakfast this weekend and my cousins' girl's night sleepover. I have a feeling that I got this recipe from someone else's blog...if that is you, reader, please correct the recipe as needed.

Ham and Egg Cups

Place sliced ham in muffin cups (in a muffin tray).They should form little cups. Crack an egg inside each ham cup. Or you could scramble the eggs first and then pour them into the indivudual ham cups.

Cook in the oven...(temperature maybe 350?) for maybe 4 minutes? I'm a little fuzzy since I don't have the recipe in front of me. Doesn't it only take 3 minutes for an egg to cook? It depends on how runny you like your eggs. I think yuou might be able to pull off making this in a microwave too..

hope that helps Anne!!