Monday, January 28, 2008


I am not much of a fish fan, but this was delicious. I found it on my favorite recipe website. I served with some couscous and broccoli. Enjoy!

Dijon Lemon Tilapia

2 tsps margarine
1 tsps flour
1/4 cup water
2 TBS white wine
1 tsp dijon style mustard
1 TBS lemon juice
10 ounces tilapia filets
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1/8 tsp salt

  1. In a small saucepan, heat the margarine until hot. Sprinkle with flour, and combine. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, for 1 minute. Remove from heat; stir in water, wine, and mustard. Return to heat, and bring mixture to a boil; reduce heat and let simmer, stirring contantly, until sauce is thickened. Stir in 1 T lemon juice. Remove from heat and keep warm.
  2. Sprinkle Tilapia fillets with remaining lemon juice. Spray broiling pan rack with cooking spray. Transfer fish to rack and broil until the fish flakes easily; approximately 5 minutes. Sprinkle fillets with salt, than spoon sauce over fish.


Jill said...

This is so weird, because I just tried Tilapia the other night and I was thinking about posting it on here and I thought to myself, "I don't think Regis is a big fan of fish." ha, ha! It is a good kind of fish (if you're not a fan) because it's so light and all you really taste is whatever you flavor it with.

Anne said...

Tilapia is the only kind of fish that I've actually enjoyed! In fact I really liked opposed to most other seafood, so I'll have to give this recipe a try.

And I still want to try your chilli and spaghetti sauce, Regis.