Sunday, February 10, 2008


This was dinner tonight (and a couple weeks ago, too). We really like this stuff. It’s called Bounty Rice and I think it’s similar in taste to Hamburger Helpers meals…except better and better for you, too.

Bounty Rice from Simply in Season
½ - 1 pound ground beef or pork
1 cup onion, diced
1 cup green pepper, chopped
Sauté in large fry pan until meat is browned and veggies are soft.

4 cups canned tomatoes (I used diced)
4 cups cabbage (we don’t use this ingredient)
3 cups cooked rice
1 t salt
½ t dried oregano
½ t dried basil
½ t garlic powder
Stir in, cover and continue cooking until cabbage is crisp-tender, 10-15 minutes.

½ cup sour cream
1 cup mozzarella cheese (the first time we used cheddar, totally different taste, still delicious)
Stir in sour cream. Sprinkle cheese on top and cover until cheese is melted. Serve.

Oh that’s funny. I guess I never did read this recipe all the way through until just now. I always stirred the cheese in also instead of leaving it on top. Interesting. I hope you ladies try this one. It’s good.
We also had brownies for our Sunday dessert. But I'm not sharing that recipe because, though they were better than the last brownies I made, they were not dense like good brownies are supposed to be. And they definitely would've benefitted from some chocolate chips in the mix, but really what wouldn't be better with more chocolate?

Obviously, we managed to choke a few down!

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Annie said...

I made this for dinner, though I had to, sadly, leave out the sour cream and cheese. It was still yummie though, and Martin and I agreed that it would make great burrito filling too!!