Monday, June 9, 2008

Corn on the cob

The season for fresh corn is fast approaching! In our house it has already begun. We had some delicious corn on the cob on Saturday, and I just scraped the leftovers off the cob today for a quick snack. So good.

Now I really want one of these!


P.S. So far the meal planning and making is going quite well. Dinner for tonight is the crockpot as I type. I made this once before and really enjoyed it. This time I tried slicing the sausage into coin shaped pieces. I'm anxious to eat it. It smells so good!

One more thing: if you want a very easy, make ahead, crowd pleaser be sure to give the Italian Beef Sandwiches a try. Everyone raved. My dad told me about three different times how delicious they were. Guess what I'm eating for lunch this week?!


laurasuz said...

I'm trying the beef this Friday when we have guests over. I'm excited to see how it turns out for me.

Anne said...

After Dad called this morning and told me AGAIN how much he loved the beef, I told him that you were making it and to hit you up for leftovers this weekend. :o)