Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Working!

I am loving planning weekly meals. Not only was my shopping last week fast and frugal, but there was at least one, maybe two, days this week where I was not feeling creative or homemake-y and in normal circumstances dinner probably would have been something frozen. But since my list was right there on the fridge, I already knew what I was doing that evening. Even if that meal did not particularly appeal to me, I made it anyway. And it just feels good to be serving in this way.

I scheduled a leftovers night this week, as I will continue to do It avoids wasting food and gives me a break in the kitchen. Tonight was easy too. We're having hamburgers, so I made a side dish. Italian Pasta Salad. It's fun to get to make a side dish here and there, too.

I'm getting my list ready for next week. Shopping tomorrow!


Maryanne said...

I also make a weekly menu and write out a shopping list accordingly. It really does make life so much easier. Sometimes I make meals that are large enough to eat for two days, like soup, tacos, lasagna, etc. That way it saves time, and if I'm not feeling especially creative that week, I only have to think of a few meals and go with their leftovers.

scmom (Barbara) said...

Good for you!