Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Need of Recipe

Does anyone have a good party meatball recipe? I need one for two reasons. First, they sound really good to me so I want to make them. Second, Joy and Jacob are staying with us Saturday night due to a wedding being closer to Lafayette than their home so I thought I could make meatball subs for Sunday afternoon.

Help a pregnant lady out, will ya?

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Regis said...

This isn't a recipe, but merely how I cheat with meatballs. I buy frozen. Put them in the crockpot with an entire jar of sweet baby rays bbq sauce and turn it on and let them cook. They turn out really really well. But, maybe you don't bbq'y meatballs but want tomato'y meatballs instead. I bet you could put prego on them instead of bbq sauce and they would turn out just fine. I think it's easier than handrolling meatballs for probably similar taste.