Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sharing a Failure

And this was a big failure. But it was the recipe's fault. Classic Beef and Noodles is the recipe. One for the slow cooker. And I honestly think it would be really good if I had followed the recipe appropriately. The amount of liquid was enough to not burn in my slow cooker (but it was finished between 5-6 hours instead of the 8-10 recommended), the sauce thickened up quite nicely (though it took mine more like 40-45 minutes rather than 30), and the meat was nice and tender.

My mistake was attempting to use coconut cream instead of sour cream. I was going for dairy-free. But I failed. This stuff was gross! Indeed it was inedible. On the positive side at least now I know what coconut cream tastes like. It is not for a meaty dish. I stole the general idea from Sarah. But she used coconut yogurt, and I couldn't find any of that.

And then I really didn't want to waste a whole pound of good tender beef. So I put it in the colander, rinsed all the sauce of it, and threw it in the black beans and rice that I had made earlier where it tastes delicious, thank you very much. :o)

Don't forget to share your failings with us, so I don't feel like the only one!


Kristine said...

anne, i totally share my failings on this blog..don't worry hun

scmom (Barbara) said...

Your Classic Beef and Noodles would have been awesome without the sour cream. Try it next time -- just thicken the gravy with some flour and water, or if you can't use flour, cornstarch.

Abby said...

We have ALL been there. You made the best of the situation and no one went hungry! Great job!

Cass in NYC said...

see I never know.. should I post the failures?
I can't decide.
I think it's nice.