Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time Constraints

I'm uploading these photos fast, but no time for recipes right now. I'll probably post some of the recipes later, and some I won't bother with.
I've made a version of Laura's apple dumplings a couple of times. They're my new favorite now. Ridiculously fast and easy and delicious. There's not a lot of sauce with them so we eat them like little hand-held apple pies. Soooo good. And a great way to use up apples that are not being eaten.

These Sweet Potato Quesadillas were pretty good. You have to like the taste of sweet and salty together to enjoy them though (which my husband does not). I like that these bake in the oven too, instead of frying them.
Peter's birthday somehow snuck up on me this Monday. It's been over a week since I did our bimonthly shopping trip, so supplies were low. But I successfully managed to make my first from-scratch cake with the help of my Kitchen Aid. The cake turned out pretty good. For a dairy-free icing, I used a powdered sugar icing that simply consisted of powdered sugar, cocoa (unsweetened) and rice milk. It's a drizzle frosting, as you might be able to tell.
Oops...crooked...I don't feel like fixing it!

And this cinnamon bread was delicious. I was happy to have a yeast bread turn out successfully. I will post the recipe to this when I get a chance. It smells great baking in the oven.


Jill said...

what a good boy Charles is! If my boys held a plate full of apple dumplings, they'd be 1)on the floor, 2) thrown at something or 3) eaten!

Abby said...

I hear you on the shopping thing - I try to cook/eat everything in the house before I head back to the store! But I'm doing more farmers market shopping so I may have to go there more often since the food spoils if we get too much to eat at once!

That cinnamon swirl is PERFECT.

Cass in NYC said...

that cake looks great!