Friday, June 5, 2009

Small & Simple Discoveries

I recently discovered some things in the kitchen that everyone else probably already knows about. But just in case and so I don't forget and because this blog is all about food:

My mom put together this simple non-lettuce salad for me last summer when she was here, helping us get settled. It is so good, easy and nutrious:
Cut up one cucumber. Thinly slice some onion, just a bit for the flavor. Chop half a red pepper. Combine in a bowl. Drizzle with just enough olive oil to coat and squeeze half a lemon over veggies. Add some salt and pepper if you want. Yummy. I also substitute tomato for the red peppers when they're not on sale because those things are expensive.

I also realized recently how changing one part of a meal can spice things up considerably. For example having a regular sandwich at lunch time but using pita bread instead of regular bread is exciting enough to pretend that I'm eating out. I usually buy two loaves of bread at my biweekly shopping trip but for the summer months I think I'll buy one loaf and then a different bread item for sandwiches: pita bread, bagels, croissants. All those are breads that I usually only get when I go out to eat! What kind of bread do you use for sandwiches?


Erin said...

Mmm, sounds YUMMY! I'll use tomatoes, mostly because I am sick of bell peppers, and also since we planted a TON! :P

I like to use tortillas and make wraps instead of sandwiches. Sometimes I get fancy and use goat cheese instead of mayonaise or cream cheese. (Goat cheese never seemed to bother Eddie...just sayin'. :P) Sometimes I get VERY fancy and use a SPINACH tortilla, for color.

Anne said...

Tortillas - forgot that one! I love wraps. Never used a spinach one though!

Annie said...

We usually use store-bought wheat bread unless I've succeeded in making a loaf, which doesn't happen often. (Yeast hates me. HATES ME!) But sometimes I'm able to make beer bread, and that makes great sandwiches!

I love fresh veggies, and the post Laura made about the sauteed veggies in pitas--YUM!! We're definitely going to try that too!