Saturday, June 28, 2008

Italian Omlettes

In our house the weekly grocery shopping is done on Monday evening. This week I forgot to buy any meat so now this weekend has found us scrounging for food. I was pretty proud of my Italian omlettes that I resourcefully pulled together tonight!

-4 eggs
-chopped onion
-diced tomato (I would've used fresh, but they aren't ripe yet! I had a can in the pantry.)
-fresh basil, chopped
-shredded parmesean

They were great! Unfortunately, it looks like we're down to spoonfuls of peanut butter for all our meals tomorrow... Kidding, kidding.


Anne said...

Annie, I'm so glad to have you posting on here now! What fun! I need to learn how to make omlettes...I think I would eat more eggs that way.

Jill said...

I'm going to try these for dinner tonight!