Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This isn't a recipe post but rather a reading recommendation. The chocolate-chip cookie is 80 years old, and the New York Times had a insightful article about what makes the ultimate chocolate chip cookie.

I thought you all would like it. My mouth was watering from beginning to end.
Maybe we should all post our favorite cookie recipes and trade them around. I know my sister makes a mean chocolate chip - oatmeal cookie, so good it makes your knees buckle, but we've never been able to get the real recipe out of her. You would think being a Dominican would make her more honest, but not when it comes to sharing her secret recipe!
As for me, I usually use the recipe on the back of the Toll House morsels bag. Uninspiring and uncreative? Maybe. Tried and true? Definitely. But I think this article has given me the motivation to broaden my horizons. If nothing else, it's given me a great excuse to bake cookies.
What's your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe?


Anne said...

Oh good Laura didn't comment yet because she is actually the one who found this choc. chip cookie recipe. :o) She got it from an old boyfriend's mother.

We both use the one on the back of the Crisco Shortening can. It calls for lots of vanilla and a bit of milk, too. And it makes the most delicious c.c.c I've ever eaten!!

Great, now I want some.

Jill said...

ooh. i'll have to try that one!

LauraSuz said...

When I read this I thought I had to post the recipe and I don't carry around a jar of Crisco, oddly enough, so I didn't write. But, yes it's soooo good!

Anonymous said...

The recipe on the top of the Quaker Oats container (the real oats, not those fake packages that only masquerade as oatmeal) is ALMOST the same recipe as the famous Sister's recipe. I actually witnessed her making them this summer and she barely uses a recipe at all. She does it by feel, like all great cooks. Bah.

Trevormiller said...

Anne.... I want to eat these! Thanks for the message on my blog. I hope you are doing great! always great to hear from you.